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Top blind trends of 2015?

With a fresh start to 2016, we thought we’d look back over 2015’s top trends for interior decorating:


Pastel tones were hugely popular at the beginning of 2015, with different shades of pinks and blues being used to add warmth and life to the decor. 

Light colours / Spring:

The light Spring trends seemed to focus on bringing more light and colour in to rejuvenate from the dreary winter months.

Bold / Summer Colours:

Bold striking colours and patterns can be used to create a focus piece in your decor. This theme was reminiscent of the ‘80s and opting for a busy focus wall is a great way to update a room without having to fully redecorate.

Autumn / Winter

After the bright colour trends at the beginning of the year, Autumn/Winter saw a more reserved approach that emphasizes class and sophistication.
Darker Florals: 

Differing from the large, bright floral mentioned above, a unique trend of 2015 was opting for more gothic florals, focusing on darker reds and greens and intricate floral designs. Again, this style worked perfectly as a focal feature and produced a much more sophisticated interior style.

Which Blinds?

2015 has been an incredibly versatile year for the blind market, with the many beautiful trends allowing businesses to try a blind style that they may never have previously considered. Here at Blind Solutions, we can help you define which blind style will suit your commercial or domestic space.

2016 trends:

Blind solutions are looking forward to 2016, and we’re excited for you to see our fantastic range of blinds to help you incorporate the trends into your chosen environment.