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INTU Blinds

INTU Blind solutions

Intu roller, pleated and venetian window blinds integrate perfectly with your windows
giving exceptional control of light.

Ideal for conservatories, glazed doors and tilt and turn windows Intu blinds fit neatly into the window bead so you can operate your window or door handles with ease. Light gaps are minimised, giving exceptional control of solar heat and light.

An intelligent tension system prevents the blind from rattling against the glass when the door or window is opened or closed and allows up to 15 degrees of tilt.

The Intu roller blind is the latest addition to the Intu family, offering the privacy and security of previous Intu product but with added benefit of the fabric being retained in side channels. The Intu venetian blind, like the roller and pleated, has no need for cords or wands. In the case of the venetian a tilter is built inside the headrail and can be adjusted by a slide tilt control on the fascia. Adjust the tensioned blind by raising and lowering the bottom rail, this simple operation also applicable to the roller and pleated ranges. These neat and simple control options eliminate unnecessary free-hanging cord loops, for improved safety.

Due to the unique design, Intu Venetian Blinds offer superior slat closure, giving excellent shading and many of our Intu Roller and Pleated Blinds have SPC (solar protective coating) on the reverse of the fabric for higher reflectance of solar heat and light. Choose from our extensive range of Turnils Venetian slats or Eclipse and Louvolite Roller and Pleated fabrics.